Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling is excited to announce that glass is now being collected at our recycling center. For those of you whose haulers no longer accept it in your curbside collections, you can refer your residents to our recycling center. Attached is a flier with all of the information. We are partnering with Bradish Glass, Inc. in Greensburg on this program.

What is accepted: Clear, Green, Brown bottles and jars NO blue bottles

How to prepare:

• Rinse container, remove metal lid and toss, paper labels are okay

• Separate by color

• Drop off during regular recycling center hours

Right now, there is no charge to users for this service now; however, Westmoreland Cleanways has to pay for it; it is not free. We may implement a user fee for all visitors to our recycling center once we move to a larger location, hopefully in the next few months.
Click here for flyer