PLEASE NOTE: New Stanton Borough Council has voted to opt into the optional 5th year of Trash Service with our current company Republic Waste - Bidding for new service will be in October 2018


The New Stanton Interchange Project includes three new roundabouts. Two roundabouts are part of the interchange at ramp intersections and the third connects Rachel Dr. and Bair Blvd. Roundabouts improve safety compared to standard intersection designs because they have fewer conflict points, reduce speeds, and facilitate easier decision making. Roundabouts also provide for a steady flow of traffic without stop conditions, improving fuel efficiency while reducing emissions.

Studies show that roundabouts provide a 90% reduction in fatal crashes and 75% reduction in injury crashes when compared to a signal. Here are a few tips for navigating the roundabouts:
1. Slow down. 
2. Yield to circulating traffic at the entry. 
3. Stay in your lane and use your right turn signal when you are ready to exit. 
4. Always assume trucks need all available space — don’t pass them! 
5. Clear the roundabout to allow emergency vehicles to pass.

For more information about navigating roundabouts, see PennDOT’s website:

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