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Republic Services Trash Company - 234 Landfill Rd Scottdale, PA 15683 (724) 887-9400

2018 prices for trash services are as follows:

  • Resident - $14.75/mth x 3 = $44.25/qrtly
  • Senior Citizen - $13.30 x 3 = $39.90

***Senior Citizen (65 or older) fixed price per bag $2.00 x 10 stickers = $20 (instead of monthly rate)***

Please note - grass clippings are considered solid waste & can be put out with your regular trash. Also each resident is allowed to dispose of one large item per month but it must be the 1st Monday of the month.

If you're 65 or older you can choose to go with the stickers system instead of the quarterly billing as shown above. Here's how it works, come to the Borough office and purchase 10 stickers at $2.00 each (total $20) fill a garbage bag no larger than 33 gallons and no heavier than 35 lbs. when full tie closed and wrap the bright orange sticker around the top of the bag and set out on trash day. There is no time frame of how long it takes to use the stickers You are not required to set something out each week. If it takes you all year to use 10 stickers than you only pay $20/yr for trash removal. But you can not go from the qtrly billing to stickers and back, must stay with one or the other.

The Borough has a Paper Recycle Bin located at our Borough Building at 318 Paintersville Rd beside SUPERVALU. Please recycle your newspapers - magazines etc. Thank you~

RECYCLING INFO for Other Materials

Amerigas 198 Grassly Road – Ruffsdale, PA (724) 722-1011 - they will take empty propane tanks

Best Buy  125 Donahue Road - Greensburg, PA (724) 838-8901 - any electronics (take to service desk - no charge)

Target  State Route 30 - Greensburg, PA (724) 853-7440 - cell phone, ink cartridges, mp3 players & plastic bags

Scott Electronics 1000 South Main Street - Greensburg, PA (800) 442-8042     open flyer- they will come "free" of charge to haul away your Hazardous Waste Material - computer monitors, computers, fluorescent light bulbs and tubes, NiCad batteries, other batteries & rechargeable batteries

Staples Route 30 Greensburg, PA (724) 838-7380 - cell phones, computers & monitors, ink cartridges, toner, all batteries

Lowe's Hempfield Blvd. - Greensburg, PA (724) 853-6950 - cell phones, fluorescent bulbs, NiCad batteries, other batteries and plastic bags.

Westmoreland Cleanways 128 Innovative Lane - Latrobe, PA (724) 879-4020 - compact discs, floppy discs, inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges   

By the Way
Dear Friends,
          With all of the news lately about the difficulty of properly recycling your television according to the Covered Device Recycling Act passed in 2010, be assured that the Westmoreland Cleanways Recycling Center is still accepting them at no cost, in keeping with the spirit of the law.
          We and our recycling partner, JVS Environmental, are committed to serving our communities with a convenient recycling option for your unwanted electronics, as the law intended. 
We have the support of our county commissioners and other funders to keep the program alive.  Everyone is welcome; you don’t have to be a resident of Westmoreland County to recycle with us. 
            Located in Innovative Park near Beatty Crossroads in Unity Township, the recycling center is open three days a week and the second Saturday of every month to accept televisions and all other electronics at no charge.  In addition, the recycling center accepts Freon appliances, tires, and fluorescent tube light bulbs for a fee.  Scrap metal, used motor oil, batteries of all kinds, cardboard and mixed paper can be recycled at no charge. 
            For a complete list of materials accepted for recycling, directions, and hours of operation, visit, or call 724-879-4020.


Ellen Keefe                                                                Natalie Reese
Executive Director                                                     Program Director