Highway Hub of Western PA

Borough of New Stanton
451 North Center Avenue
New Stanton, PA 15672

Phone: (724) 925-9700
Fax: (724) 925-2709

eMail: borooffice@newstanton.org

Borough Committees
Personnel & Human Resources Public Works/MS4 & Parks
Chairman            Brandon Clawson Co-Chair            Todd Bartlow
Member               Todd Bartlow Co-Chair            Wilbur Bussard
Member               Scott Sistek Member              Dean Clark
Advisor                Nick DeSantis MS4                    Melvin Steele, Jr
  Advisor             Nick DeSantis
Building & Real Estate Workplace Safety
Chairwoman         Linda Echard Chairman
Member                Brandon Clawson Member               Linda Echard
Member                Dean Clark Member
  Employee           Anita Hoffman
  Employee           Steven Schneider
Interchange & Special Projects Finance & Adminstration
Chairman             Dean Clark Chairman           Scott Sistek
Member                Scott Sistek Member             Wilbur Bussard
Member                Brandon Clawson Member              Dean Clark
  Fire Dept.           Wilbur Bussard
  Planning            Brandon Clawson
  Rec. Board        Nick DeSantis